The Truth About Shared WordPress Web Hosting

The Truth About Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Unlike dedicated and VPS web hosting, shared Webhosting is very affordable, depending on the hosting company, prices range from as low as $0.99/month to $12/month. Due to its affordability, it’s the most commonly used hosting for WordPress. Unfortunately, people are carried away by catchy phrases like affordable, cheap and so on, they don’t bother to read in-between the lines. The fact is there is a catch behind the share hosting juicy packages, and you are about to find out.

The truth about shared WordPress Webhosting is very worrisome because the fact can mar your hard work. Because of the cheapness of the hosting plan, it’s relegated for small enterprises, portfolios sites, and blogs. A good number of beginners only need shared hosting. Usually, it’s advised to maintain low cost when starting in any business and online business isn’t any different. Avoid spending so much money on VPS or dedicated hosting as a starter, even though you still have some disadvantages to contend with in shared packages.



Why is shared hosting affordable or cheap?

By now you are probably pondering why shared hosting is so affordable. To answer the question, here is a simple definition of shared hosting.

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Shared web hosting is usually used in WordPress hosting and it involves having multiple websites sharing the same big server. Well, when multiple sites share a single server, it brings down the cost of hosting because they are literarily sharing the cost. Sharing the cost of a single server makes it very affordable.


The catch is shared Webhosting:

Whenever you see the word “free, cheap, or affordable” attached to a valuable offer, expect a catch – nothing goes for free after all. This is the same with shared Webhosting providers. The truth about this type of hosting is the hosting provider’s marketing claims. A look at their website content will show claims like unlimited domains, bandwidth; everything is just unlimited.

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In the real world, nothing is unlimited especially if it is hosting that is offered for free. They use these phrases to draw customers in, after which the real truth is disclosed. Shared hosting is an option built for smaller sites like small businesses and bloggers, etc. If every user utilized their space, the shared Webhosting will fail to work. However, it works because very few users use their quotas; they get very cheap deals, and the hosting providers get their profit. The bottom line, it’s an ideal option for beginners.

However, if your WordPress website starts becoming popular, and is utilizing a lot of resources, the next best option is to request an upgrade

When you get to the point where your website needs an upgrade, many hosting providers don’t bother to inform you. In many cases, they just suspend the hosting account. This is a hard truth that forces people to opt for the more expensive hosting options like VPS and dedicated server. Many experienced online companies have experienced this discourteous treatment from hosting companies. And this is why many experts will advise you to avoid shared hosting like a plaque or use a reputable hosting company.


Reputation is key in shared hosting:

So, when it comes to shared hosting, the key factor to look out for is reputation. This is what sets the bad from the good hosting companies. Hosting companies with high reputation are careful about what people say. The reason is that they have painstakingly built their reputation and will do anything not to crush it under the reckless habit.


How to identify a good and reputable Webhosting company:

Well, you cannot identify one through their offers. Just by going through their services features will not disclose if a company is reputable. Most of the features they parade are bloated anyway. The fact is all Webhosting providers go the extra length to exaggerate their service features, they have nothing to lose because you won’t even use half of it anyway.

Many people don’t know the industry jargons, they simply look at the big size of the service offers and make a hurried and ignorant decision.

To select a reputable or good hosting provider, check out their reviews and comments; this will tell you something about their reputation. What are people saying about the company, is it good or bad. Search online for reviews about the hosting company, how many good to bad reviews do they have?

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Also, contact the support, how dedicated and quick is the support in providing answers to inquiries and solving problems. When it comes to hosting, support is a vital ingredient that you cannot overlook, In case you need technical aid, support from the company cannot be overemphasized. So, to have excellent experience with a hosting company, excellent customer support is key. Therefore, you can rate the shared hosting provider’s reputation by their customer support service quality.


Benefits of shared WordPress hosting:

*Cheap hosting package

*Improvement in technology due to competition. Many shared hosting service offers platforms that are easy to use e.g. cPanel, Fantastico, Softaculous, etc.

*many well-known providers hire top-skilled experts. This enables users to focus on their business peacefully without worrying about up-times and maintenance.

*many hosting services provide multiple hosting services, that allows hassle-free upgrades.



*Unlike dedicated and VPS servers shared hosting packages have relatively slower response ties.

*Regular lagging and downtimes caused by a greedy company overselling their services. When this happens, the server will become overcrowded by too many websites. But if it’s a reputable company, they won’t be too greedy to oversell their hosting service.

Before you pay or sign up for a Webhosting service, ensure that you conduct your due diligence. Since shared web hosting is beneficial for small businesses or beginners, if you can afford it, go for dedicated web hosting or VPS hosting to avoid unexpected problems that could arise from dealing with a greedy hosting provider (that is in case you are unfortunate to stumble on one).

In conclusion, shared hosting for WordPress is ideal for beginners and small businesses. It is inexpensive and it can get you started in the online business in no time at a very affordable rate. Always make sure you deal with reputable hosting providers to avoid possible loss of account in the future.