How Do I Make a General Liability Insurance Claim?

How Do I Make a General Liability Insurance Claim

A general liability insurance claim is one of the most frequently bought and trustworthy insurance policies that many businessmen get for their businesses.

General Liability Insurance works to cover the costs of some common liabilities in a business such as harm to the property or corporal damage, etc. Insurance protects your liabilities against losses and helps you recoup the lost money as quickly as possible.

When an accident or damage happens in your business, you are required to file for a general liability insurance claim to compensate for the loss.

In this article, we will share all the required steps that you will have to go through if you are planning to make a general liability insurance claim.

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1: You will have to get in touch with the Insurance Provider

Several protocols are needed to be followed when making a claim. Whenever any tragedy happens in your business, your first step should always be to contact the insurance dealer. The dealer will advise you to reach out to the insurance provider.

An insurance provider is a person who offers you general liability insurance or any other plan when you ought to buy it. No matter what happens to your business, an insurance provider is responsible to help you in making the insurance claim and get things resolved.

To resolve the claim faster, providers usually set up a condition of requesting for the claim before it is needed. Advance notice would generally make it easier for you and the insurance providing company to execute your request for a claim.


2: Get your Certificate of General Liability Insurance in your Hands

You might have saved your general liability insurance certificate in a locker or have deposited it in a bank. Wherever it is, get this certificate in your hands. When you request an insurance claim, the most important step that you will go through is to get asked for all the necessary documents.

In the hustle of fixing everything, you might even forget about what you will be needing when visiting request an insurance claim. For your convenience, we have listed a check-list for you. Make sure to get this list ready before you visit your insurance providing company.

  • Name
  • ID Card
  • Business Name
  • Business Documents
  • Policy Details and Number
  • Description of General Liability Insurance Claim

Keep all of this information ready. Make sure to keep all of the above-mentioned documents safe and secure. Never hand them over to someone who is not credible. Follow the general guidelines of the insurance company and act accordingly so that you will be successful in making a claim.


3: You will need all the Recording Details

Any loss to a business could be tragic and a heart-breaking experience. No one can ever recompense the loss of a businessman. The struggle he puts in to establish his enterprise is beyond excellent.

Nobody would want to harm the business. However, this field is not so clean. Many tactful people are constantly trying to put you down because of their greed and selfishness.

This is why:

When you visit an insurer, never mind to provide every detail, he asks you for. The purpose is not to inspect you but to get an understanding of why and how the loss happened.

Therefore, you should keep all the records handy. From the phone calls made to the insurance provider or your business partner to the objectives of face-to-face meetings, you should explain all the details precisely and accurately if asked for.


4: Never Hesitate to Get your Queries Solved

Everyone wants to have in-depth knowledge about their concerned topics. A general liability insurance claim is not easy to be made. You have to act smart to get your work done rapidly and access the follow up to compensate for the loss as soon as possible.

Consequently, when meeting the insurer or any representative from the company, you should make sure to clear out all of your confusion. Do not leave yourself and your mind in misunderstandings. Misconceptions due to lack of communication could lead to further damage.

Therefore, you should make sure to ask some of the most important and crucial questions to make it clear to yourself for the sake of your business. Some of the commonly asked questions are:

  • How long will it take to file a claim?
  • What are the protocols to follow?
  • What are the policies of my chosen plan?
  • How will you compensate for this incident?
  • Who is going to deal with my claim?
  • How long will it take to receive the follow-up?

Consider asking these questions or any question that pops up in your mind at that moment.


5: You will have to hire a Lawyer

Due to the nature of the insurance work, there are chances that disputes or conflicts might arise when dealing with an insurance adjuster. You will have to face difficulties in accessing your claim. In some cases, the deal is moved to a lawsuit that leads to filing an FIR complaint in the case of a huge loss or any theft involved.

For this matter:

You can always hire a professional insurance lawyer. Legal Advice is something that is needed the most when you have to make a claim. By talking to a lawyer, you will be able to get a better understanding of the procedures and the legal documentation required for your claim. This might not be possible when talking to the insurer directly. Remember, no one can guide you better than your lawyer.

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The Final Verdict

The time that your claim will take depends on the complexity of your case. If the loss of the business is of a higher level, then you might have to wait for some time. It is suggested to keep checking on and reminding the company about your case. Participate fully in each meeting and be very clear in expressing your demands. We hope that you will get your general liability insurance claim soon