The Apple Watch Might Make Your Fitness Tracker Obsolete

The Apple Watch Might Make Your Fitness Tracker Obsolete

The new Apple Watch contains a wide range of features. It is a little pack of different gadgets incorporated into a single device. In this era of lockdown, where half of the world is quarantined and stick to the screens in a four-walled room is looking for tools that can make them feel healthier.

Exercise is the key element to improve your lifestyle. However, with exercising and working out, you might need a fitness tracker or other devices to aid you in the process of getting fit. Thanks to the newest smartwatch, designed by Apple, that has successfully replaced the fitness trackers to a great extent. Let’s explore its key features.


Modern Models of Apple Watch

The new models of Apple watch having the latest features are:

  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch Series has all the features that a fitness freak would require. It has some exceptional animations, face detection, sleeping pattern track, and hand-washing detection. It can be said that an Apple watch has everything that a typical fitness tracker and other devices would have altogether.


Why can an Apple Watch make your Fitness Tracker Obsolete?

Nowadays, many revelations about the hype of the Apple watch are coming out. These rumors prove that an Apple Watch has successfully made a fitness tracker obsolete because of its amazing features.

An apple watch can make you achieve your fitness goal in just a small amount of time. All you have to do is invest in a good wearable Watch with OS 7 operating system and wear it on your wrist.

Many celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, have been hitting the gym and wearing the latest apple watch. According to sources, Khloe has been successful in cutting off almost 35 lbs.

Khloe and many other fitness freaks have dedicated their success to the fabulous Apple Watch. If you are still wondering how a fitness tracker is losing its demand and why an Apple Watch is a more helpful wearable for you, then let us have a closer look at the features of an Apple Watch.


Apple Watch and its Fitness Features

There are unlimited exceptional features installed in a typical Apple watch. The new Apple Watch has a great feature of detecting your activities.

It has a GPS tracking option with which you can leave the phone at your home and still be able to record all the fitness activities and movements such as swimming rate, run rate and speed, and all the of your trips without the need of sticking with your phone all the time.

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The Apple Watch is designed to provide you with various challenges that you and your friend can take part in and improve your fitness together. By linking with your friend through the Apple Watch will let you see your companions’ fitness goals and play matches with them. This is a great approach to improve your fitness motivation.


Fitness Detection in an Apple Watch

Another great feature that has set the apple watch apart from the fitness trackers is the latest feature of fitness detection. The exclusive feature of Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE is sensing the fitness movements.

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If you go for a walk and forget to turn your fitness detection on, the Apple Watch will automatically ask you to turn on the device’s detection feature. A convenient feature that will count on your steps, heart rate, calorie burn, and walking speed will be tracked and stored in your daily rings.

Fitness Detection in Apple Watch will keep your journey tracked. This feature is available in fitness trackers as well; however, it omits some latest technological topographies and is not very readily connected.  Therefore, it is evident that an Apple Watch can make your fitness tracker obsolete in the coming future.


Apple Watch Fitness Plus Feature

The newest device that has the latest feature installed in Apple Watch is the Fitness Plus service. Under this service, you can get in touch with expert fitness coaches who can help you improve your fitness remotely.

The expert trainers’ workout sessions through your Apple Watch will be made as per your needs and requirements. A fitness tracker lacks such services that make it to another point of why an Apple watch will make fitness trackers obsolete in the latest future.


Price of Apple Watch vs. Fitness Trackers

After knowing about all the features and qualities of an Apple Watch, it is quite evident that an Apple Watch is very likely to be much expensive. However, the reality is quite different. An Apple Watch Series 3 lacks a heart rate feature, and therefore, it is much affordable and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Just after spending a little more, you can get an Apple SE that stands in between the two latest wearable watches. It contains a bunch of other features such as tracking the heart rate etc.

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The best among all containing all the latest features and qualities for a fitness freak for your workout sessions is an Apple Watch Series 6 that can be purchased at a significantly higher price. But the features such as oxygen monitoring, heart rate tracking, ECG, and improving your overall health is worth paying this much money.


Is an Apple Watch better than a Fitness Tracker?

After reviewing all the features and qualities of an Apple Watch, it is obvious that fitness trackers are far behind the apple watch. If you are still confused about choosing between a fitness tracker and an Apple watch, then considering all the factors mentioned above, we can say that an Apple watch has some exclusive features such as Siri and long-term support from Apple. The future will surely replace Fitness Trackers with Apple Watches soon.